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Things We Can Do For You

Our approach considers the disciplines of public relations, marketing, and social media. Each of our strategies is custom tailored to our client’s defined business goals and designed to make the desired impact. We always set clear expectations and measure against those expectations.

Lauren has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Her efforts are truly something that small businesses CANNOT live without these days! Social media no longer works for small businesses due to their numerous changes and algorithm updates. You have to truly be an online advertising guru and spend big bucks to receive brand recognition online or drive traffic to your website for sales. Hiring Lauren has been the best decision we’ve made! For a minimum fee, we’ve received loads of amazing product placements and mentions in well-read publications as well as popular blogs! All of these efforts have indeed driven sales and success. We look forward to keeping Lauren as an ongoing, consultant for all our PR needs. She has the contacts and does all the work – we simply deliver all the new orders to amazing new customers!

Media Relations | Our team engages with the press on a daily basis. Our clients’ work, products, events or timely issues deserve attention, and we can help build awareness with local, regional and international media exposure. Part of our ongoing communication involves coordinating press releases through an established network of high-profile print publications, television networks, radio stations and more. RLJ group knows what makes you unique and how to maximize your changes for exposure through our contacts in both traditional and new media. We’ll help you develop a media relations strategy, and we will take the time to understand the media vehicles most effective in reaching your desired audiences – from traditional news outlets and trade media to blogs and tweets to online magazines and social networking sites. Effective media relations is one of the key elements in attracting the attention and coverage our clients deserve.

Press Release Writing | Let us help you tell your story. Our team of expert writers will ensure that your announcement is compelling, newsworthy and propels your brand forward.


Press Release Distribution | We'll distribute your release to our extensive media list, as well as recommend newswires and other distribution platforms that will get you the maximum number of clips, impressions and interviews.


Product Launches | Get your product into the hands that matter. Generate buzz among influencers, media contacts and bloggers that leads to interest and sales among your consumers.

Social Media | Social media continues to evolve and the RLJ group stays abreast of each change, utilizing the various opportunities and working with clients to gain a following. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest, we make your presence felt in a meaningful way to engage your desired audience of potential consumers. Let us take over your scheduling, posting, writing responsibilities so that you can focus on your product while your customers receive excellent social media engagement.